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My name is Julia Helm and I am running for re-election as Dallas County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections in 2020.


As Dallas County Auditor, I am the caretaker of large volumes of Dallas County information:

Historical and current real estate transfer book

Registered Voters data and voting history

Historical and current election results

Tax Levies & Taxing Authority Budgets

Minutes of the County

And the list goes on…

When I was elected, I focused on evaluating and streamlining daily processes.  But as our country is being barraged with cyberattacks, I am looking at  information differently.  It is not just data but pieces of people’s lives.  My thoughts have moved beyond just handing the data to looking at all the different ways it needs to be protected.

I am partnering with the Dallas County Information Services Department as well as the State of Iowa to continue and expand information protection.  One way of accomplishing this is continuing training of employees about cybersecurity.  I am shielding and protecting the physical space where tabulation and ballots are processed.

As I look to the next four years, another priority of importance to me is continued customer service to the residents and jurisdictions of an ever growing population.  My team and I are already planning the Dallas County 2020 Census numbers to show a significant growth in population. 

The precinct redistricting will take place in 2021 with additional precincts added in 2022.  My challenge is to secure accessible polling locations.

I look forward to serving Dallas County residents for another four years. 


Please visit my webpage at and my Facebook page. 

Thank you.

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